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Waffles All Day

300 208 Camy Kennedy

I’ve apparently become known for my waffle habit. And that’s okay because I do eat them everyday. I put butter and honey (or agave) on them and I enjoy them with super special low acidity organic coffee while I read in the mornings. This is my most delightful time (and I’m not even a morning…

Are carbs bad?

560 315 Camy Kennedy

The Carbophobia epidemic is rampant these days. As I sit here and eat waffles every morning, I see friends and fellow fitness professionals eating cold salads with tuna, while telling themselves carbs are the enemy. I constantly have clients assuming that carbs are bad, and then cutting themselves down because they love carbs. Or they…

What to do when you are fat fitness professional

1024 1024 Camy Kennedy

Going through the year last year as a fluffy fitness model was discouraging, because I knew I could be better and I felt like there was an expectation for me to be better — since I was in the fitness industry. I was prepping for a bikini show (like the fourth time I was attempting…

Why eating in “threes” works

810 450 Camy Kennedy

What do I teach people who are looking to lose fat? It’s a simple concept that Mark MacDonald from Venice Nutrition coined as “eating in threes”. What does that mean? There are 3 macronutritients: protein, carbs and fats. Eating in threes means that at each meal you are combining all of these macronutriteints to keep…

Do you eat French Fries when you are stressed?

299 168 Camy Kennedy

 You can almost smell the fried goodness… There’s something so tempting and appealing about a hot, salty perfectly peeled potato dunked in boiling oil. The temptation to chow down on French fries is always there. But when you actually have to smell the hot, salted goodness right up under your face — now that’s when…

Warning: Eating less is making you fat!

512 352 Camy Kennedy

We are told that “eating less and exercising more” is the secret formula to losing weight. You may have also heard about calories in vs. calories out – a simple way to tell if you are going to lose weight. You’ve been following these known “rules” for months and are still not seeing results, and…

Help! I Hate Salads

876 876 Camy Kennedy

Help! I Hate Salads Recently I’ve been working with my mentor Jill Colman of JillFit physiques, and she has figured out a pretty good system of what works for her each day, nutrition wise. And I’ve been working with her to automate my physique so that I can spend more time on my business, and…

Urgent! Procrastinators: Read this

150 150 Camy Kennedy

Or I should have said, “Procrastinators: Read this when you feel like getting to it.” I’m feeling uninspired lately to write any blog posts. I don’t want to. Or I don’t have the time, or I don’t make the time. And I have other things that I would rather do. Tonight, I sat down on…

The top 10 reasons my dog and I are alike

150 150 Camy Kennedy

When you hang out with your dog more than other humans, you get to know these things. #bestfriends The top 10 reasons my dog and I are alike: We are not morning people We share the same favorite color (purple) We both snore We both loving being outside in the woods We don’t love running…

8 Ways to Get the Balance Back in Your Life

560 315 Camy Kennedy

8 Ways to Get Back the Balance in Your Life. 1. What can you remove from your schedule? If you are overworked,exhausted and unhappy, then there is likely something that can be changed in your life that will relieve the pressure. Do you have too many appointments during the week? Does your work take over on the…

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