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Gluten Induced Itching Rage

720 720 Camy Kennedy

Picture this: I’m enjoying a deliciously fresh baked biscuit with buttery egg whites, crisp flavorful sausage  made by loving hands of the friendly staff at Rise donuts. I’m enjoying this light and warm treat as I sit in the front office of the studio where I teach group fitness, and I’m sure there were audible…

The Method That’s Helping Women Maintain During the Holidays

480 720 Camy Kennedy

We’ve all been there a time or two….the holidays roll around and we kind of just “give in” to the temptation to hang out in sweatpants, baking cookies and definitely NOT making time for the gym.  I spent Christmas 2013 like this and I’m hiding under a baggy sweater and stretchy pants.   But I’m…

Why being hungry is not bad

940 788 Camy Kennedy

There is this saying going around on social media: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” I would have to strongly disagree with that one. I’ve been super lean by restricting food and over-exercising and let me tell you that was miserable. I was mad at everyone because I was hungry (hungry) and I just wanted…

5 Reasons We Gain Weight During the Holidays & How to Maintain

150 150 Camy Kennedy

Two years ago, during Christmas time, I was 20 pounds heavier than I am now. It all happened because I injured by back in October, and then couldn’t work out and also decided to give up on good nutrition and eat my feelings instead. I remember having to wear leggings and a baggy sweater at…

Maintain, Don’t Gain…this holiday season!

560 315 Camy Kennedy

Did you have too much to eat on Thanksgiving? Are you worried about cookies, extra treats, and temptations this season? With Thanksgiving coming up…are you feeling anxious about eating too much? Are you fearful of gaining weight this season? Are you afraid that without accountability, your workouts will suffer? Are you looking for a simple…

Spring Loaded: A Workout by Jen Sinkler

489 381 Camy Kennedy

Are you ready to lift weights faster? I wanted to find something that would be achievable for my followers when things get really busy and we just can’t “find the time” to do long workouts.  I reached out to my gal pal, Jen Sinkler who is the queen of making workouts fit into the time…

What I do when I’m not motivated

150 150 Camy Kennedy

The practices I use when I’m lacking motivation. We all know what it’s like to feel unmotivated. Sitting in front of the TV, or Facebook, or literally scrolling through your phone looking at nothing. Wasting time, when we could be doing so much more with our lives. It’s an epidemic of laziness, and when you…

How to Beat Vacation Weight Gain

560 315 Camy Kennedy

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.” – Unknown This weekend I spend time with family at my mom’s house. It’s an 8 hour drive to PA from NC and we got on the road late on Friday afternoon. Every night I stayed up late. And everyday I ate several…

It’s finally here! FREE #Glutetober Challenge

940 788 Camy Kennedy

“I like big butts and I cannot lie.” -Sir Mix A Lot Every woman I know wants to have a nice behind. I’m no exception. I tend to hold fat as well as muscle in my butt. But if I don’t train, then gravity begins to take effect.  In the past year, I have gotten away from…

7 ways to stop yourself from binge eating

410 1024 Camy Kennedy

That time I ate 7 protein bars at one time because “they’re healthy, right?” This is a bit embarrassing, but a few years ago I was known for my binge eating confessions. I ate an entire jar of peanut butter in 1 day. A box of cereal would only last 2 days. A bag of…

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