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“The Lean 15” – Weight Training + Efficient Cardio = Awesome Bod (Here’s EXACTLY How)

800 600 Camy Kennedy

Don’t we all need less time in the gym and more time for friends and good food? When my business coach and mentor, Jill Coleman, told me she was launching a new SUPER effective workout program (3o mins or less with CARDIO + WEIGHTS) I was so excited to get on board! I mean, I…

DIY Tire Sled Pull Under $30

600 600 Camy Kennedy

DIY Tire Sled Pull with Straps and Belt Under $30 Okay so it was my birthday in February and I invited my friend Michelle (www.michellesheetz.com) to come eat breakfast with me (gluten free pancakes and egg whites) and then go on an adventure with me to find a tire to complete a tire workout. It was…

Home Made Gluten Free Pizza Recipe

600 800 Camy Kennedy

It’s the weekend (or maybe it’s Wednesday night) and you are just craving pizza. What’s a health conscious gluten-free girl to do? That’s right — break the rules and eat pizza! Here’s my super simple kitchen-sink recipe for gluten free pizza following the Food Threesome guidelines. This adventure all started with a trip to my…

Are you ready for success?

1000 1000 Camy Kennedy

I’ve had a conversation with one of my clients about success vs. failure and we both noticed that it is a lot easier to stay exactly where we are than to do the work that it takes to get to where we want to be. And actually, there is some sort of comfort found in…

How to make a Food Threesome

600 600 Camy Kennedy

This is a short, simple post about how to create your meals to keep blood sugar stable, and in turn keep your fat-burning system ON. You’ve all heard the term “portion control” and to me that sounds like a rule and I don’t like rules so I’m just going to provide a method you can…

Working Out vs. Eating Cereal

560 315 Camy Kennedy

So, I’m writing this at 9:05pm on a Tuesday, sitting out the couch in fuzzy pants with my dog who is snoring and farting. I just downed a snack sized bag (thank God) of these Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai & Blueberry delicious snacks from the heavens. Well, the good news is that I actually buy…

White Salsa Recipe

736 736 Camy Kennedy

This was one of the best things that I ate this Christmas and I have been meaning to post it up on my site for a while now. I love it because it’s mostly made from peas, which have relatively high protein and snacking on this is pretty much like eating veggies! Although it may…

Eating more can help you lose fat

683 1024 Camy Kennedy

How can eating more actually help you lose fat? Most women I talk to about nutrition are not eating enough calories and they look at my with horror in their eyes when I calculate their BMR (basal metabolic rate) and tell them their calorie needs. It’s typical for women I coach to be taking in…

Gluten Induced Itching Rage

720 720 Camy Kennedy

Picture this: I’m enjoying a deliciously fresh baked biscuit with buttery egg whites, crisp flavorful sausage  made by loving hands of the friendly staff at Rise donuts. I’m enjoying this light and warm treat as I sit in the front office of the studio where I teach group fitness, and I’m sure there were audible…

The Method That’s Helping Women Maintain During the Holidays

480 720 Camy Kennedy

We’ve all been there a time or two….the holidays roll around and we kind of just “give in” to the temptation to hang out in sweatpants, baking cookies and definitely NOT making time for the gym.  I spent Christmas 2013 like this and I’m hiding under a baggy sweater and stretchy pants.   But I’m…

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