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Mindset & Life Coach, Camy Kennedy, brings tips, resources, and practical steps to help you sharpen your mindset, overcome perfectionism, grow your faith and transform your life. Each episode is designed for you to take daily action for your mission, live inspired & serve well. Start practicing your potential by tuning in and implementing these transformational tools. 

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Episode 001: Danny-J on Resilience & Creating the 2.0 Version of Yourself #lifeAF

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Danny-J interviewDanny-J offers real insights to how to do life when circumstances come that are completely not in our control. After a relationship betrayal, learning she had over 100 siblings (from a sperm donor), Danny has taken all that she’s been through to teach other women how to ask for help. She now has a live event in Las Vegas on Nov. 10-11, 2017 and a program called #lifeAF (linktr.ee/dannyjdotcom)

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