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Mindset & Life Coach, Camy Kennedy, brings tips, resources, and practical steps to help you sharpen your mindset, overcome perfectionism, grow your faith and transform your life. Each episode is designed for you to take daily action for your mission, live inspired & serve well. Start practicing your potential by tuning in and implementing these transformational tools. 

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11: The Camy Show How to Become a Morning Person

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Download the show notes at http://www.camykennedy.com/episode11
Watch on Youtube: https://youtu.be/A85hJdGJ0OA

Everyone can become a morning person, no matter your story! I’ve been caffeine free for 12 days, and I’m sharing with you how I became a morning person 2 years ago.

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10: The Camy Show Overcoming Obstacles and Taking Action

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Download the show notes at http://www.camykennedy.com/episode10
Watch on Youtube: https://youtu.be/A85hJdGJ0OA

 I have renewed, revamped my podcast which now includes video! In this episode I will talk about why I rebranded from Rulebreaker Lifestyle to Fit Faith Freedom Podcast.

This episode is brought to you by the Beautiful Power Retreat . Apply to attend this 6 hour transformational retreat on Saturday, July 14th in Raleigh, NC.

Episode 009: Robyn Baldwin: Alpha Female Rule Breaking & Thriving with Multiple Sclerosis

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In this episode I interview Robyn Baldwin. And it was great reconnection because I was actually a guest on her show, Alpha Female Podcast last year! Check out our interview here.

What I love about this interview besides Robyn being an alpha female is that she shares with us the mindset strategies she used to over come a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, a broken engagement and finding harmony in a full time career and multiple side hustles. In this interview you’ll find ways to confidently break the rules in your own life, and thrive. Find the show notes at camykennedy.com/episode009

Episode 008: Amanda Wright: Finding Freedom in Faith, Breaking Fitness & Business Rules

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Amanda Wright joined us today as the first Fit.Faith guest in the Rulebreaker Lifestyle #fitfaithseries . As faith is solely responsible for all I’ve done, all I have and all I will ever do, I want to honor this space as a place to share faith, mindset strategies and stories of women and their practice along their journey. Amanda shares with us her struggles, her strategies, and her support for going through life with the “unknowns”.

Amanda is a strength and conditioning specialist, certified nutrition coach and owner of A. Wright Fit health coaching company. She specialized in teaching women how to grow STRONGher in body, WISEher in mindset, all by living more SURRENDhered to God. She believes in a holistic and lifestyle based approach to nutrition and fitness and loves talking about how faith can radically improve our physical health too.

From breaking the business rules by combining fitness and faith, to changing her fitness and nutrition routine to support growing a human baby, she places her faith practice at the forefront of her life and teaches others to do the same. I know you’ll get lots of inspiration from this episode, and if you want more faith & fitness, download your copy of the Fit.Faith 28 day fitness & faith devotional called Create.Believe.Conquer . You can find it at createbelieveconquer.info

Download the show notes at camykennedy.com/episode008

Episode 007: Diane Flores on Owning Your Feminine & Starting Before You Are Ready

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I love this conversation with Diane today, because it feels so authentic, as we discuss our own hangups, body image issues and self-sabotage. Diane Flores owns a sensual dance movement studio in California, but has a background in bodybuilding and fitness competitions. She now teaches women how to change the conversation about what’s going on inside their heads. Diane is open to thinking about things she may not agree with, in order to see a different perspective. We discuss body shaming, freedom through authenticity, and taking action before you are ready. This interview unfolded in a real way, like having a conversation with a friend (because this momma is awesome!) I hope you tune in and have some ah-ha moments!

Download the show notes: camykennedy.com/episode007

Episode 006: Camy Show Part 2- Breaking the Nutrition Rules & Overcoming Perfectionist Mindset: Top 3 Nutrition Strategies

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In this episode of the Camy show, I share with you three of my top nutritional strategies that allow living balanced (ie. Eating carbs, enjoying wine, etc) while working on fat loss or better yet, maintaining. Mindset strategies discuss how to choose your goals, what it will take you to get there, and how to set yourself up for success by ditching the all-or-nothing. Recovering perfectionists will find food freedom in this episode as we talk about body image, fat loss, and how to create balanced meals that promote fat loss. You will get actionable steps to add into your daily life after listening to this episode. Beyond that, there are several resources for you including The Better Method & Ultimate Accountability Coaching. Find out what your next best strategy for a life of love, living and letting go of all the rules! Download the show notes: www.camykennedy.com/episode006

This episode of the Camy Show is brought to you by The Better Method Online Nutrition Course & Ultimate Accountability Coaching. These tools will serve you matter where you are on your wellness journey. Beginners to living a balanced nutritional lifestyle will start with the DIY 8 Week Online nutrition course called The Better Method which teaches you how to have sustainable fat-loss while enjoying your favorite carbs. For women wanting high value, high access one on one coaching for nutrition, mind and body transformation, my Ultimate Accountability Coaching was designed for you. We will work together each week with your end goal in mind, and create strategies that are designed for your specific lifestyle. To find out more, book a complimentary call with me: http://www.camykennedy.com/call

Episode 005: Nardia Norman Breaks All the Rules: Marriage, Movement & Mindset

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This episode we talk to New Zealander Nardia Norman who’s bio reads: “I LOVE wine, books, barbells and helping women live ‘hell-fkg-yes’ lives.” When I met Nardia, I knew in a moment that we were kindred spirits and I needed to have her on the podcast. Turns out she’s a self-proclaimed Freedomologist and fellow rule-breaker, and in this episode we talk about breaking the rules of marriage, movement & mindset. Nardia gives us strategies to use when we are coming back from a sedentary period in our lives. She talks about her own personal growth and mindset maturity on the journey. I promise you will get great value from this interview, laugh with us, and trust that Nardia, with an “r”, will get real, raw and rebellious during this show!

Download the show notes at camykennedy.com/episode005

Episode 004: Carol Elizabeth, International Sparkle Spreader: It’s Never Too Late to Recreate Yourself

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Carol Elizabeth is on the show with us today! My personal friend and mentor, and International Sparkle Spreader, Carol and I talk about living in a van down by the river. But really, what it represents is overcoming our fears, stepping into who we really are, and making steps each day to do things that make us happy. As well as things that make us a little sweaty so we can get the rush and get addicted to moving forward and loving the positive vibe. Personal and professional freedom. Obsessed with personal growth. Carol will remind you that it’s never too late to re-define yourself. I know you will get so much from this show! Download the show notes at camykennedy.com/episode004

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Episode 003: Camy Show – Part 1: How to Break the Rules & Love Your Body: 5 Ways to Practice Self-Love

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In this episode I speak on my journey of extreme dieting and body dysmorphia and excessive exercise, to a weight gain of 25 pounds in two months. I share how I went from hating my body to embracing it, and how extreme dieting & exercise turned into extreme self-love & self-care. If you’re struggling with body image, dieting, feeling good enough, and loving what is, then I invite you to listen to this episode, and share with a friend! Get more nutrition & wellness insights by joining my inner circle: bit.ly/CKCrew and grab the show notes at camykennedy.com/episode003

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Episode 002: Maryalice Goldsmith: Bringing Out the Wild, Fierce, Empowered Woman of Worthiness

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Rulebreaker_Lifestyle_Podcast_Episode_002__Maryalice_Goldsmith (1)Maryalice is with us on the show today talking about money mindset, owning your worth and becoming that wild, fierce, empowered woman of worthiness to have success in health, wealth, relationships and business. I met Maryalice at a business retreat and got to hang out with her in Ashville eating chocolate, and talking fitness, business and faith. She worked with me on money mindset during her session, and it opened a door for me to explore abundance and wealth consciousness. I’m still growing and learning, and I’m thankful for her speaking frankly to me about my limiting beliefs and mindset. I know you will get so much from this show! Download the show notes at camykennedy.com/episode002

Maryalice Goldsmith has been coaching for the past 9 years. She got started in the health and wellness industry after being a stay-at-home mom for over 13 years. She took her in person business online and fell in love with the online business concept.
She has taken her love for virtual coaching and now helps other ambitious women build the business of their dreams. Today she is a business coach who helps female coaches go from struggle to success by breaking through their mindset blocks. And helps them create systems and strategies in their business so that they can increase their clients, confidence, and cash and finally fall in LOVE with their business and life!

When she is not coaching you can find her hanging with her family in Princeton, NJ, walking her dog Riley, or hitting the Crossfit gym for a killer workout.

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