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Trying to eat clean but short on time?

Or maybe just like me and a bit lazy when it comes to cooking! Well I’ve got my 10 best (and shortest) clean eating recipes to save you time and keep you in control! (Also a few protein sweets in this recipe book!)

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These workouts are for when you don’t feel like going to the gym.

They are fun and designed for getting back into the gym after some time off – and you are feeling unmotivated…these are going to get you back on track!

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Trying to build killer arms at home?

No worries – I’ve got a quick at home workout you can do with some weights off craigslist. No excuses when you need just 10 minutes to get this workout in!

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The problem with perfection?

Every time I give a talk and mention that I’m a #recoveringperfectionist , I get a ton of women who comment that they are too! Perfectionism is often seen as a good thing, because of quality of execution, but did you know there are 10 BIG ways that perfectionist mindset is holding you back from your goals?

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High intensity interval training is the BEST way to see results in less time.

But what does “high intensity” even mean? What does it feel like? And is it good for beginners? In this HIIT 101 Guide, I answer all the questions you have about dropping body fat safely and effectively using HIIT training.

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What’s the missing link in fitness and nutrition?

In this 28 day challenge, I take you through a spiritual process designed to guide you towards finally achieving those goals. It’s not all “hard-core-get-it-done” stuff. CBC actually focuses on getting to know yourself better, and find out WHY you do what you do. From goal setting to self-sabotage, it’s all here in this 28 day challenge. If you put in the work and follow along with the daily videos, I promise you will CHANGE!

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