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Who is Camy Kennedy?

In 2012, I was led by a strong desire to enter the fitness and modeling industry – but wanted to do so by giving back and highlighting the role of faith in my journey. My goal is to help others along their fitness and life journey to love themselves first and always place positive thoughts in their minds. Helping people find peace and enjoy the journey is my goal, and I provide tools and programs designed to fit the needs of those struggling to begin or stay on a fitness and nutrition program, or at a transitional stage of life which requires coaching.

What is Fit.Faith.?

Meagan Lynch and I started the Fit.thru.Faith. Facebook page (later changed to Fit Faith), as we had been on a fitness and spiritual journey together since 2009 as friends and work out partners. At first, we just wanted this to be a community where we offer encouragement and tips on fitness and nutrition, and to demonstrate the value of surrounding yourself with positive uplifting people who support your goals. Now, we are getting into something much bigger with the upcoming launch of a seminar series in Atlanta, GA, a flagship E-book, and soon to launch a membership website community.

About me: I offer nutritional coaching, motivation and fitness coaching as well as guidance on general lifestyle changes and career coaching. I’m located in Raleigh, NC – but all of my coaching can be done over the phone.  It all comes back to creating a space for God to work in your life and being thankful for what you already have!

Meagan Lynch, Co-founder, Marketing and Outreach photo by bobby black

Who is Meagan Lynch?

Meagan and I became close friends and workout partners almost instantly in 2009. We had the same values and same struggles – as well as the competitive drive that one needs in a workout partner! She has been a contributor and driving force keeping the “Fit.thru.faith” spirit alive as we have both gone through some serious changes in the past years. It’s her passion and pure soul that keep me grounded and motivated to continue to help and grow this business. Since it’s inception in 2012, as the inspiration to treat others well and help other women with their fitness, nutrition and spiritual journeys.

Meagan is Co-founder and Director of Marketing & Outreach. You will notice that Meagan has an energy and a zest for life that is contagious and she creates a desire in others to become a better person. She will be coordinating events and ways to get involved with Fit.Faith. in Atlanta, GA and eventually Raleigh, NC in late 2014 and early 2015.

Fit.Faith Mantra:




Mission Statement:

To grow women into the conquerors that they already are. To realize the potential and purpose in their lives. To provide
meaningful tools, resources and a community that women can connect with who share the same goals, motives and
aspirations. To create balance in relationships, career, fitness, nutrition, spirituality and family.



1. Love: have love for yourself because you were made unique; love and uplift others

2. Encourage: when you want encouragement, you must encourage others

3. Be strong: overcome obstacles, and don’t be afraid to ask for help

4. Embrace beauty: own your unique beauty and allow others to show their beauty

5. Be honest: about who you are, speak truth to those around you about the potential you

6. Goal focused: practice goal-setting and share them with your trusted encouragers

Who is Fit.Faith. for?

• Women looking for inspiration, fitness-minded, seeking a spiritual connection, finding out what their purpose is in life

What do we offer?

  • Flagship ebook: Create. Believe. Conquer: “The 6 Week Soul-Solution to Conquering your Life”. Launching Summer 2014.

  • 90 Day Nutrition Coaching programs (use contact form to get started)

  • DIY fitness programs: Fit.Faith – 4 Weeks to Feel Better

  • Seminars: 4 hour seminars outlining Create. Believe. Conquer program. Includes Nutrition presentation, fitness coaching and goal setting. Focus on relationship building with other members of the group. Location: Raleigh, NC


  • Run and Reconnect: Fitness and Faith running group, followed by discussion and activities. Location: Atlanta, GA


  • Fit.Faith.Forum. A private group for women to discuss all issues with fitness, nutrition, body image, eating disorders, relationships, healing,

Services and Programs:

Fit Faith Offers an Introductory Program which can have you feeling better in 4 weeks.

What does this include? Nutrition. Training. Spiritual Motivation.

  • Daily meal plan which will keep you full and energized for your training
  • Daily workout plans with weight training and cardio
  • Training starts off with your current level of fitness and progresses to get you better results
  • Weekly devotionals designed to keep you spiritually connected and motivated
  • Weekly email devotionals for ongoing inspiration

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