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how to beat vacation weight gain

How to Beat Vacation Weight Gain

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.” – Unknown This weekend I spend time with family at my mom’s house. It’s an 8 hour drive…

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Waffles All Day

I’ve apparently become known for my waffle habit. And that’s okay because I do eat them everyday. I put butter and honey (or agave) on them and I enjoy them…

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Are carbs bad-

Are carbs bad?

The Carbophobia epidemic is rampant these days. As I sit here and eat waffles every morning, I see friends and fellow fitness professionals eating cold salads with tuna, while telling…

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Eating in -threes-

Why eating in “threes” works

What do I teach people who are looking to lose fat? It’s a simple concept that Mark MacDonald from Venice Nutrition coined as “eating in threes”. What does that mean?…

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Jill's salad looked WAY better than mine!

Help! I Hate Salads

Help! I Hate Salads Recently I’ve been working with my mentor Jill Colman of JillFit physiques, and she has figured out a pretty good system of what works for her…

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I will never cleanse!

                  I’ll never do a cleanse!   In the 5th grade, being die-hard tomboy, I adamantly stated, “I’ll never wear makeup!” I’m…

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