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6 simple cures for better sleep

what to do when your inner child tells you… “but mom, i don’t want to go to sleep!” (…i want to stay up and watch tv all night and look…

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How do I deal with stress?

  “Too blessed to be Stressed“…   let’s not get crazy here — this is a title of a book that i picked up at the airport yesterday. the airport…

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Get What You Want In 30 days

  My April┬áChallenge:   what is holding you (me) back? we all have dreams and we all have things we want to accomplish. when it comes time to do what…

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Launching Camy Kennedy Consulting

  Please stay tuned for updated content and information on the following: Nutritional Consulting Lifestyle Coaching Business Building Health & Wellness Mind Body Connection General Wellness Tips Hair & Make…

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