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diy tire pull sled harness

DIY Tire Sled Pull Under $30

DIY Tire Sled Pull with Straps and Belt Under $30 Okay so it was my birthday in February and I invited my friend Michelle (www.michellesheetz.com) to come eat breakfast with me…

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gluten-free12 minute pizza recipe

Home Made Gluten Free Pizza Recipe

It’s the weekend (or maybe it’s Wednesday night) and you are just craving pizza. What’s a health conscious gluten-free girl to do? That’s right — break the rules and eat…

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are you ready for success

Are you ready for success?

I’ve had a conversation with one of my clients about success vs. failure and we both noticed that it is a lot easier to stay exactly where we are than…

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Food Threesome

How to make a Food Threesome

This is a short, simple post about how to create your meals to keep blood sugar stable, and in turn keep your fat-burning system ON. You’ve all heard the term…

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workout or eat cereal?

Working Out vs. Eating Cereal

So, I’m writing this at 9:05pm on a Tuesday, sitting out the couch in fuzzy pants with my dog who is snoring and farting. I just downed a snack sized…

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white salsa

White Salsa Recipe

This was one of the best things that I ate this Christmas and I have been meaning to post it up on my site for a while now. I love…

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Eating More

Eating more can help you lose fat

How can eating more actually help you lose fat? Most women I talk to about nutrition are not eating enough calories and they look at my with horror in their…

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rise biscuit

Gluten Induced Itching Rage

Picture this: I’m enjoying a deliciously fresh baked biscuit with buttery egg whites, crisp flavorful sausage  made by loving hands of the friendly staff at Rise donuts. I’m enjoying this…

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Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

Why being hungry is not bad

There is this saying going around on social media: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” I would have to strongly disagree with that one. I’ve been super lean by…

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