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From college athlete to demanding travel career to disability, gaining 25 pounds, then fighting for balance.

I feel like I was always the “thick girl”. I’ve always had legs and a booty, and it translated well into high school sports, volleyball and track.

In college, as a NCAA volleyball athlete, we trained hard with two-a-days and 3 hour practices. I could eat what I wanted (and I did!). I ended up moving across the country, transferring schools and putting myself through college, working a full time job with a full-load in pre-med molecular cell biology courses. Fitness fell as the last priority on my to-do list.

Once I graduated from college, I found a local gym and began working there — this started my “fitness career”. A few years later I was a traveling sales rep for a nutrition company, and it was taking a toll on my body and life.

I was training for a fitness competition, doing 3 hours of cardio a day (too much) and eating cold tilapia out of tupperware containers. I was seeking a standard of beauty and worthiness, that I could never seem to sustain.

Then it happened, I had pushed my body too hard, and it finally gave in. I could barely walk, bent over or even get up from my bed. I had an MRI that revealed a buldging disc in my lower back. I was put on “disability” for 3 months, at which point the pity party set in.

I ate pizza, I laid on the floor watching reality TV, and because I couldn’t work out, it affected my entire attitude. I had been at my leanest, after training and dieting hard.

Then in 2 months I had gained 25 pounds, and had to resort to wearing stretchy pants and sweaters. It was Christmas of 2013.

At that point I was just starting my online business in nutrition coaching. And all I could think was, “how can I coach anyone when I”m treating my body so badly?”

At that point, I had enough. Done with the diets. Done with weighing foods and eat stuff I didn’t like. (I hate fish!)

I spent the next year on a mission to find balance and share this with women across the globe who want to eat chocolate lava cake, a warm donut, and have a margarita with chips and guac!

Since discovering tools, strategies and nutritional systems, I have now equipped hundreds of women with the knowledge to take control of their lives, break the “nutrition rules”, and design a life that they love through success coaching.

Camy Kennedy, ISSA CFT, IBFNC Nutrition Coach, BSc

My background in molecular cell biology gives you access to the science behind nutrition.

Blood sugar stability and nutritional rebalancing are the main tools I use for fat loss. And mental training is just as important as physical training. My Venice Nutrition certification allows me to legally teach nutrition in any state in the US, because of the dietetics act.

As as ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, I focus on core stability, periodization, and programs for strength, fat loss and quality of life. I understand the emotions that come with gaining weight. Especially when a women has previously been “fit”, there are complex emotions that come from gaining the weight back.

Diet Recovery Expert

Lifestyle Renovator

Mike Byerly photographer

Fitness & Confidence Coach

Income Innovator

During the season of my life when I was transitioning from a corporate career where I was always tired, my health was suffering, and the income did not fit the role, I was searching for a way out. A friend of my introduced me to a residual income stream that not only helped me drop toxic body fat, but also opened my eyes to the possibility of completely paying off my student loan debt, and teaching others to do the same.

As a current Financial Peace University facilitator, I help women who feel they are helpless to their financial situation find a light at the end of the tunnel and get excited about lifestyle design!

Dynamic Speaker & Facilitator

I create dynamic presentations on the topics of women’s empowerment, confidence, wellness, health and nutrition. As a facilitator, I create small group activities and interactive presentations to increase retention, and create lasting changes in attendees.

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