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My story…

Since I was a young girl, I was rather thick and chunky. A nice way to say it is that I had athletic build. But I also had the appetite to go along with it! During middle school, I played several sports and had an unhealthy relationship with food. I would restrict – only eating 3 very small snacks a day – or I would binge and eat the entire 2 dozen cookies before a volleyball tournament.

In high school and college I continued to play sports and I was able to maintain my weight because I was practicing 2-3 hours a day. When I moved to California in 2004 and transferred to a public university, I no longer was playing collegiate volleyball and was forced to work a full time job to put myself through school. My life was far from healthy. I survived on Ramen noodles, mac n cheese and Coors Light.

In 2008, I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s of Science in Molecular Cell Biology and began working at a local gym in California. I thought I wanted to go to veterinary school, so I was working towards that goal – but I had such a love for the fitness industry. I became very obsessed with the body building lifestyle and made it my mission to compete in a fitness competition. For 5 years I was always researching nutrition, and dieting and macro nutrients and the best ways to keep body fat low. I would be very strict with my workouts and my nutrition and got quite low in body fat, but I was never happy or “good enough.”

In 2013, I was still trying for that goal of stepping on stage, and I was so obsessed that I was doing 3 hours of cardio a day! This was at a time when I had a traveling sales job, and was on a plane every week to a new city. The long hours, driving and sitting on a plane, plus doing so much cardio began to wear on my body. I was diagnosed with a 6mm bulging disc (L5 – S1) in October 2013.  It was a time when my life was in a transition, I had no place to live and I was getting ready to move across the country.  I was forced to rest and go on a series of medications including steriods. I abandoned clean eating and felt bad for myself and I gained 25 pounds in 2 months.

Slowly in 2014, I went through physical therapy and slowly got back into working out — but not at the level I was at before. It took me that entire year to just feel “good” in the gym again. In 2015, I was introduced to an amazing superfood system that has changed my body tremendously and given me a business opportunity as well. What I learned over that 18 month period of my life is that body fat percentage doesn’ t matter. We are all more valuable and have more gifts than just our bodies. I started my online business from the floor of my aunt’s house as I was still recovering from my injury. It took a belief in myself and my message to get me to where I am today.

I know what it feels like to be embarrassed to look in the mirror and feel gross when you can’t fit into your jeans any more. I know what it feels like when you feel so far away from your goal. And I know what it feels like to reach your goal and still feel empty inside.

My mission is to empower women globally to live a life of balance, of love and of acceptance of their journey. None of us will ever be perfect, and as soon as we can let go of that we are free to start our own journey. I am looking forward to connecting with you and helping you along your journey to a healthy life.


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